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Sugar or Druzy Agate Geode / Cluster (A01-8)

Sugar or Druzy Agate Geode / Cluster (A01-8)

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Sugar / Druzy Agate

  • This crystal is well known for its ability to enhance calmness.
  • Is a stone that possesses the power to set up your mental activity and understand your own actions better.
  • Level your emotions and help you foresee any decision that might hurt you.
  • This also makes it much easy to excel in meditation and healing acts like yoga, reiki, etc.
  • It is one of the most powerful crystals that ensures consistent growth.
  • Good for its ability to relieve stress, gain peace and boost the immune system in our body. 
  • Promotes a healthy emotional bond and physical strength with us.

Druzy Agate belongs to CROWN CHAKRA

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