Delivery & Shipping


  • Upon check out, you will be directed to Shipping page after filling up the detail form. 
  • All the shipping rates are for the first 3-5kg (except for the International buyer)
  • Choose your shipping method:
    • Our courier is under J&T Express. We may also use Flash or Toktok whichever the fastest can deliver the items.
    • Choose Additional items to orderif you wish to add more items and keep it for awhile.
      • This method requires you to settle your order within 24 hours not including the shipping upon payment (this option is for our customers who would like to wait for new arrivals). If no payment received, items will be automatically cancelled.
      • If you're decided to pull out your items, choose your shipping method on your last check out.
      • If you don't have any additional items to order but wanted to pull out your items, kindly contact us so that we can assist you. 
    • For International Buyer:
      • Choose the International Shipping method.
        • Contact or Message us after placing your order.
        • We need to calculate the total weight of the item together with the packaging in order for us to provide the correct amount of the international shipping rate.
        • You may also contact us before placing an order to calculate the weight of your items. But this doesn't guarantee the availability of the item after the calculation. (Items might be sold out before/during/after the calculation.) This calculating rate checking is only applicable for International buyer. 
  • We will have no responsibility once item has been shipped. Parcels have insurance fee for up to 500 pesos only and 1000 pesos for International. Additional insurance is available upon request which is 1% of the order value.
  • If the parcel has not arrived on time frame, please message us the tracking details so we can assist you with the courier.



  • 3 to 7 days

J&T Express Courier (Local) Rates first:

Please be reminded that if there's a discrepancy (amount provided for shipping appears to be insufficient based on the actual costs incurred), we will kindly request that you add an additional payment to cover the accurate shipping fees.

    • Luzon (MM, Medium pouch) - P110.00 
    • Luzon (MM, Small pouch) - P80.00
    • Luzon (Provincial, Medium pouch) - P135.00
    • Luzon (Provincial, Small pouch) - P80.00
    • Visayas (Small pouch) - P100.00
    • Visayas (Medium pouch) - P165.00
    • Mindanao (Small pouch) - P95.00
    • Mindanao (Medium pouch) - P170.00
These rates might take 3 to 10 days of delivery depending on your location. 
    International Shipping (FEDEX/DHL/MYKARTERO)
    • Express shipping estimated time of arrival is 5 to 10 days
    • Regular shipping estimated time of arrival is 4 to 5 weeks
    • Delivery on other countries might be earlier than the estimated days provided.
      We will also provide the tracking number of your order when shipped.
    • All given time frame may change depending on your location, some delivery might take longer or faster.
    • For international shipments, customs on your country may also affect the estimated delivery time. Please note that buyers are responsible for any customs fees or taxes that may be charged on your country.


    We will be providing your tracking number after the shipment.

    Please visit here for tracing your item for Local Buyers:

    J&T Express


    Shipping day: Every Wednesday and Saturday.

    Rest assured that while we ensure the safety of your package. Your order will be on its way soon. Please! no rush shipping.